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Park Seneca Building

  • SF: 110,000
  • Charlotte, NC
  • High Utility Bills
  • Building Constructed in 1968

>Exterior elevation

During the audit, our engineers discovered that the single-pane windows weren’t performing well. Some of the south-facing windows had a tinted window film to reduce solar heat gain, but it was in poor condition and peeling. We recommended two different types of window film: one optimized for south-facing windows and one optimized for north-facing windows. Other windows were found to have leaking gaskets that needed to be repaired.

Degrading window film and window gaskets.

The HVAC system was obsolete and inefficient, but replacing it was cost prohibitive. Instead, HPBS developed a list of energy conservation measures that would reduce annual energy use by 29% without a major renovation. These included retrofitting the lighting with occupancy sensor controls and more efficient bulbs, sealing air leaks, and installing window films.

Degraded window gaskets allowing uncontrolled infiltration.