High Performance Building Solutions


Building Performance Consulting

HPBS helps clients realize their buildings potential by promoting an environment that is energy efficient, healthy, moisture managed, durable and sustainable. HPBS is at the forefront of high performing buildings and has participated in multiple research projects for improving building performance in existing buildings and new construction. The extensive knowledge of the team will assist any project whether it is a new construction or renovation project. The team has worked on projects including single family residential structural, multi-family high rise structural, commercial and industrial buildings.





Services Include:

  •     Training for Designing High Performing Buildings
  •     Quality Control Inspections
  •     Building Assessments
  •     Vapor Mitigation Consulting and Design (Related to Brownfield Sites)
  •     Indoor Air Quality Testing for LEED IAQ Requirements
  •     Energy Optimization Consulting
  •     Energy Audits (ASHRAE Level 1, II & III Energy Audits)
  •     ENERGY STAR Certification for Buildings & Plans
  •     Net Zero Energy Building Consulting


Building Enclosure Consulting

HPBS is leading the industry in applied building enclosure consulting and performance testing. HPBS has tested some of the largest and most complicated buildings in the country. The team understands the importance of providing both design review consulting and testing services to ensure projects meet specifications and owner’s goals. HPBS provided design review consulting services and performance testing for some of the first renovation projects required to meet the USACE building enclosure air leakage performance criteria. The extensive knowledge base of the proper way to design and install a continuous building enclosure including the moisture barrier, thermal barrier and air barrier gives HPBS the edge.




Services Include:

  •     Training for Design and Specifications for Building Enclosures
  •     Building Enclosure Design Review (Specifications and Plans)
  •     Air Barrier/Building Enclosure Quality Control Inspections
  •     Commercial & Residential Air Leakage Testing
  •     Exterior/Interior Thermography Inspections
  •     Comprehensive Building Enclosure Assessment
  •     Scope of Work Development for Correcting Building Enclosure Issues


Building Diagnostics

The team at HPBS has been providing diagnostic services for several decades for a wide range of buildings including multi-family, residential, commercial, industrial and manufactured buildings. The goal of any diagnostic investigation is to find the best solution to problem buildings while improving environmental quality and productivity. Common building problems are related to moisture damage, comfort complaints, high utility bill complaints and air quality issues. HPBS has investigated and resolved building issues including water condensing inside wall cavities, pipes freezing in wall assemblies, odors related to moisture intrusion, continual comfort complaints throughout a building and isolated comfort complaints.




Services Include:

  •     Non-invasive Inspection
  •     Invasive Inspections
  •     Mold Testing, Investigation & Remediation
  •     Indoor Air Quality Testing, Investigation & Remediation
  •     Forensic Analysis and Expert Witness Services


Manufactured Building Solutions

HPBS team members have provided construction, installation and consulting services to the manufactured building industry for over three decades. The team has provided onsite investigations, plant training and program certifications to support the high performance manufactured building industry.







Services Include:

  •     Set-up Inspections & Engineering Services
  •     Onsite Inspections & Investigations
  •     FHA Site Inspections
  •     Consumer Complaint Resolutions
  •     Plant Audit & Training
  •     ENERGY STAR for New Homes
  •     Expert Witness Services