High Performance Building Solutions

High Performance Building Diagnostics 2015 Project Highlights


Carriage House Apartments – Raleigh, NC

Diagnostic Investigation

The Raleigh Housing Authority Carriage House is a 100 unit, 8-story public housing apartment complex which has experienced persistent water intrusion problems that have defied resolution for over 10 years.  HPBS diagnosed the problem as water barrier failure allowing rain and condensate to penetrate through two separate exterior wall cladding systems.  HPBS designed a through-wall water management shelf to collect water and direct it out of the wall assembly to prevent it from draining into the first floor below.  HPBS managed the installation of the through-wall water management shelf, provided quality control inspections and final performance testing to ensure the shelf functioned as intended.

Sardis Presbyterian Church – Charlotte, NC

Diagnostic Investigation

HPBS performed a Diagnostic Investigation at Sardis Presbyterian Church. Previous investigations by others were unable to identify or correct humidity and energy cost problems. The humidity problem was being managed by overcooling with the air conditioning system and reheating using a gas-fired boiler system, which had the boiler and chiller running continuously throughout the year. HPBS’s investigation determined that the root cause of the humidity issue was an incomplete air barrier. HPBS served as an Owner’s Representative to provide a solution; tasks included specification development, bid documents, assistance with the bid process, progress inspections and commissioning.

Bamford Dining Facility – Military Installation, OK

Building envelope and HVAC system assessment

HPBS conducted an assessment of the building envelope and HVAC system for a single-story 29,000 square foot dining facility because the HVAC system was unable to properly condition the building. A review of the Test and Balance Report along with operational testing of the HVAC system determined that the system was not adequately sized to provide the makeup air required for the numerous kitchen ventilation hoods. HPBS performed an air leakage test and infrared thermographic inspection of the building envelope. The test and inspection determined that the building had a large amount of uncontrolled air leakage through the building envelope, which was increasing the load on the HVAC system.

Historic Building – Durham, NC

Diagnositc Investigation

High Performance Building Solutions performed a Diagnostic Investigation for this historic storefront that had been converted into a combination office/living space. An infrared camera investigation showed warm humid air leaking from the living area into the parapet wall where it condensed on the back of the roof membrane. Condensed water then dripped back into the living space and stained the walls below. Sealing the perimeter of the ceiling resolved both the moisture and energy problems.

Edwards Center, University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati, OH

Diagnositc Investigation

HPBS performed air leakage testing on the 194,000 square foot 7-story Edwards Center building at the University of Cincinnati. The purpose of the testing was to measure the air leakage before and after weatherization measures were initiated and to validate energy savings predictions from controlling air leakage. The air leakage test will be repeated after weatherization is complete to verify the air leakage reduction.